Buzzcast Episode 5: A Look Into the VA with James Heaslet and Joan Trice

If you have questions about VA policy, this is the place. Do you want to learn how to get on the VA panel? Just ask. This discussion group will be monitored by the good people at the VA to assist you better.
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Joan Trice, our founder and CEO, interviewed James Heaslet on what's happening at the VA today and how appraisers can get involved. How would an appraiser apply to be on the VA panel? What is the Tidewater Initiative? How is the VA handling the current pandemic? These questions and much more have been answered by James Heaslet while sharing his expertise on the VA.

Watch the interview here:

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Hello Mr.Heaslet,

My Name is Paul LePante. I have been trying to get on the VA approved appraisal list for about 10 years. Nothing!!!. I'm in good standing with everyone I know and have talked to Dale Welty and everyone else I could @ the VA appraisal department. I've worked with Reg Holly(approved VA appraiser in OC)for over 15 years doing VA appraisals so I have the experience but I still have not been able to get approved. I am hoping you can give some insight on how I can get approved.

Thank You very much,

Paul LePante
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